Spirit Preserves

My writing had sprouted, but it needed to grow a little taller before it had a chance to bloom. That growth began in 2014, when I was presented with a crossroads in my life. I could continue to put my faith into my books, and deal with the judgement and attack from the world; or, I could write novels much like everything else on the shelves, except a bit more wholesome. When the idea of doing a series on the fruit of the spirit came to me, I knew I’d made my choice.

“Spirit Preserves” had a nice ring to it, with symbolism and Biblical truth. I got to carry over the characters I’d featured in my last book and develop them further, as they dealt with learning love, joy, and peace. I especially loved writing scenes for their youth group, when God would remind me of scripture that I needed. When I went to publish Soar, I had a well-edited manuscript and a bright, cheerful cover. Traveling to little craft shows and book fairs to sell my novels became very enjoyable.

The next year, I wrote the sequel Steady, which is beloved to me for the growth my characters experience. Featuring patience, faithfulness, and self-control make it a more difficult read, while still being incredibly funny. I will finish out “Spirit Preserves”, the series that helped me stand tall, before I move into new territory, where I expect to blossom.


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