YouTube Feature: Xavious Pictures

Once upon a time, my favorite YouTube channel Blimey Cow had a 72 Hour Film Festival contest. I was working at camp and unable to participate, but they put out a video that announced the top ten winners. I watched all the winning submissions, including the honorable mentions.

A few months ago, I went back to watch those videos and was stunned to see that almost none of those channels were still active. In fact, some of them had been completely deleted. The only channel still posting content was Xavious Pictures, which had entered a video called “Race for the Banana“.

While they aren’t uploading sketches in the same capacity as they did several years ago, they still have great content. It surprises me that they have less than a thousand subscribers.

If you like sketch comedy, these are some of my favorites.

The Fort

The Spider

The Christmas Carols

The Slap in the Face

The Garage

The Nightmare

The Candy


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