Life’s Tough, Get a Helmet

This Robotics competition was rough. The day before we had to leave, I got sick. The ride to Cleveland was five hours and the hotel room was infinitely smaller than the last one. I couldn’t play cards with my friends because I’d spread my germs everywhere. Best of all, anyone who heard I was sick and knew of medicines was giving me advice.

I went in for a little bit on practice day, but ended up overdoing it and missing all of qualification day. I sat in bed, watching matches via live stream and texting our captain strategies to use for our matches.

Oh, our matches. We had such hope going into this competition. We really did have a great robot this year. On practice day, we had two incredibly successful, high scoring matches in a row. It was like a sign that this was finally our time.

It wasn’t. Every match we participated in during qualifying was stacked against us ridiculously. No matter what we did to be successful, one of our alliance partners would cause our loss. We had virtually no ranking points, even though we were in the top ten scorers out of sixty teams at any point during the qualification matches.

The number one ranked alliance picked the other best robot on the field and left the rest of us with no course of action. No matter what alliances we put together, it wouldn’t be able to defeat the top two robots.

When I think of it that way, our losing both of our quarter-final matches doesn’t seem so awful. But again, we did all that we could and our alliance-mates let us down.

So, now the competition season is over, and with it, my time in Robotics.

Cleveland was certainly a ride.

But hey, life’s tough, get a helmet.



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