We Laughed, We Creid, We Fixed That Typo

About a week ago, I took the time to read my sixth book the whole way through. I hadn’t really acknowledged its existence since November, and to be honest, I didn’t really remember much about it.

Fun Fact: That’s one of the best times to evaluate your work.

I came at it from a mostly objective perspective. Unlike my previous books, I really hadn’t been over this one very much. As I read through it, I was actually able to evaluate it and ask important questions, such as:

“Is this even good?”
“Did I set this up correctly?”
“Why did I misspell ‘cried’?”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually pretty good. It does need some editing, for both content and typos, but overall, I’d put a “decent literature” stamp on it.

The nicest thing about reading through my book was the emotions I had while reading. As someone who dearly loves my characters, seeing what they’re going through impacted me. I cried several times. I’d like to think that someone who has been reading my books and also loves these characters might tear up a little bit, too.

I also laughed at times. Of all the characters I’ve written about in my career so far, Becker is by far my favorite. He has been able to reach me with tears and laughter. Mostly laughter, though. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Becker hasn’t changed.

When I get the opportunity, I will go through this novel and get it onto the market. In the meantime, I have scholarships and classwork and college decisions looming over me.

If you haven’t looked at my books yet and you think this book sounds interesting, I’d recommend reading both Soar and Steady before it comes out. It will impact you so much more if you do.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. Sometimes you lose something.

But you never know what you’ll gain through that.

Blessings to you!


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