Prayer Answered

The first scholarship competition I attended was at a Christian university. The second was at a secular one in another state. Finding someone who had that basic common ground–befriending them through only a short half-day event–that was going to be challenging.

It was considerably smaller, and I was able to wear slightly more comfortable clothes. There wasn’t an essay to write this time. Only an interview and panel discussions.

When I walked in that morning, I had my pick of seats. I almost sat at a table with a young man, but remembering what had happened last time, I moved on to a different table with a local girl, who had already committed to this school.

I interacted sparingly with a few different girls, until we finally reached what they described as “speed dating”; five tables with professors who had eight minutes to describe special minors and programs. I sat at a mostly empty table, and was joined by another girl.

“Hey,” I said. “My skirt sort of matches your shirt.”

“Yeah, it does!” she laughed.

“Where are you from?” The professor asked.

I told him.

“That’s strange,” the girl said. “Because I’m also from that town.”

Of all the people!

She goes to a Christian school where I sold books at a craft fair last May. She went to church with a good friend of mine when she was younger.

Of all the people!

I found it rather odd that my prayer was answered at a different school, but it was answered none-the-less and I am thrilled.

Thank You God!


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