Senior Year Stuffed Animal Bash

I’ve had a pretty rough week, I’m not going to lie. Friendships are sometimes really difficult. In my case, I don’t have a lot of close ones right now. It’s not a fun road to walk.

Today, however, I got an absolutely wonderful surprise.

Now, there are some people in this world who would say, “Throwing a birthday party for a stuffed animal is stupid.” I can guarantee that most of them are male.

For me, however, the birthday party for a stuffed animal was beyond important.

At the beginning of this build season, I purchased a small, stuffed koala. We named him St. Luiz (because the original koala’s name is Heavy; the opposite of heavy is light; luz is the Spanish word for light; add an “i” and it becomes Luiz; St. Louis is where we found the original koala).

Originally, I’d intended him for the entire team: to symbolize good memories and success. However, I kept him for my strategy team. On his tag, it said his birthday was January 18th. (It also had a questionable poem and his original name, “KooKoo”. You can see why I only accepted some information on his tag.)

Since that’s in the middle of build season, I told my strategists that we would be celebrating. Unfortunately, the 18th was a Wednesday this year, which is a day we don’t meet. I told them we’d celebrate it a different day, then.

And I then promptly forgot about it (like a horrible koala guardian).

I knew the girls were up to something. I knew they were. They were speaking in hushed tones and shooing me away from them. I shrugged it off. (Helpful Note: shrugging things off is usually when I end up surprised.)

Today, I walked into our Administrative Meeting / Quiet Room and saw balloons on the wall. And a cake. And a card labeled “St. Louiz”.

I didn’t even care that they’d misspelled his name. They remembered. And they went all out! I mean, a cake? For a stuffed animal? That had a hand-pipped koala on it?

Strategy had a party. We sang to St. Louiz (that’s how we’re spelling it, officially, since his present was his own name tag and collar). We had cake. We read an adorable card.

All in all, after the extremely bummer week I had in regards to friendship, this was a pretty stellar day. What kind of friends remember the birthday of a stuffed animal you purchased for them and then spend about a week preparing to throw that stuffed animal a surprise party?

I didn’t think they existed.



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