At first, when I noticed this problem, it seemed insignificant. Small. A slight discomfort. However, the more I mull over it, the issue seems to expand: so much, in fact, that it could affect my entire future.

Isn’t that a solemn beginning?

When I first participated in Robotics, I seemed to be in my element. Not to say I haven’t grow into a specific place within the team over time, but I simply enjoyed it. I remember being incredibly excited about kick-off and build season, and competitions. I remember when I would be so possessed by what would happen at competition, I could get up in the morning at an early hour.

I’ve not only lost that original wonder, but I also seem to have lot my nosy curiosity about new members. Once upon a time, I would verbally and electronically badger people about themselves. Name? Grade? Most importantly, favorite color? I knew the first, last, and (occasionally) middle names of every member. I knew them. I knew their likes and dislikes, and how to strike up a conversation.

However, I’m in a new role now, within the team. I’m in the administration. I have important jobs to do before and after meetings. So, instead of greeting people and interrogating them like I used to, I do my job. My job is done well. But I don’t know the names of the people walking through the door. I couldn’t tell you their favorite colors or their likes-and-dislikes if it were life or death. I don’t know any of these people.

At first, this bothered me a little bit. So what if I don’t exactly know them? That’s what build season is for. Then again, I’m going to be just as busy during build season with my responsibilities. Who says I’m going to have time to get to know people?

It didn’t hit me until moments ago that this is what I plan to do with my life. Administration. I plan to be in business, and to use my giftings to be an administrator. However, I’m also gifted in getting to know people and making them feel welcome. I don’t want to have to choose between those gifts. I need to use both.

It’s become a personal challenge, in these minutes as I sit here writing to you all. I need to know these new members. I need to know them just like I used to know my team, because they are my team. Then maybe, when I enter the real world, I’ll be just as skilled at being an administrator and a welcoming face at the same time.


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