My Five Favorite YouTubers

YouTube. I assume you’ve heard of it. It’s that place where people post videos. It can be a dark and scary place. It can be a happy, uplifting place. Regardless, as a twenty-first century teen, I watch videos there. These are my five favorite YouTubers.

1) Blimey Cow.

I started watching Blimey Cow on my thirteenth birthday. My best friend said, “Hey, you have to check out this video about homeschoolers,” and I never looked back. I watch everything they produce, because they make me think. Sometimes, I don’t agree with them. But their videos are never, “Hey, look, this is my opinion as a popular human being; you as my followers should assume this opinion as well, as soon as possible, to remain in my good graces.” They usually argue the opposite. (Also included in this is Jordan Taylor’s channel; since he’s the host of Messy Mondays, he’s technically the same YouTuber.)

2) Katie Gregoire.

Can I take this opportunity to say Katie is one of my favorite human beings I’ve ever seen? She has such a godly, positive attitude in her videos; and even though I don’t know her personally, she makes me feel like I do. She is just a joy to watch, and she’s relatable. Keep it up, Katie. You’re the best.

3) The EntrePUNeur.

Once upon a time, I actually took the time to watch this guy’s videos. I don’t know the last time I laughed so much, and that’s all it took for him to earn a spot in my favorites list. It doesn’t matter what format the video is in: scripted series, a story, a vlog; I just die laughing.

4) Say Goodnight Kevin.

Say Goodnight Kevin used to put out more random content, but I still enjoy the methodical movie reviews he releases now. My best friend and I will forever have inside jokes from his channel, and I enjoy how he makes me think.

5) Studio C.

Studio C is technically a television show, but it’s also available on YouTube, so I say they count. They release such funny content, and the actors seem so kind, I can’t help but enjoy it.

I watch a couple of other YouTube channels, but they didn’t quite make the list. So, who are your favorite YouTubers and why? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

(What a YouTube thing to say.)


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