My Five Favorite Musicians

I love music. I play piano, guitar, and I sing. In fact, my greatest stress reliever lately is to just shut some doors, get out my guitar, clip the capo on, and sing really loudly–whether I’m in key or not.

I have some favorite songs by random people, but a favorite musician is someone that you can just get behind, no matter what they produce. At first, you may think, “Eh, this genre isn’t really my thing,” but something about them makes it your thing. So, without further ado, here are my five favorite musicians in absolutely no particular order (maybe).

1) Jordan Taylor.

I’ve been watching Blimey Cow since I was thirteen years old. That’s YouTube; but Jordan, the host, has put out a CD called Long Drive. It tells a great story, and I love the different styles featured on it. Am I in an upbeat mood? I’ll listen to “This Moment”. Winding down for my day? Let’s play “Separation”. And on what day would I not love to hear “Need Each Other”? No such day exists, I tell you. No such day.

2) Andrew Peterson.

Andrew Peterson has already been on one of these “Top Five” lists. It was for his writing, which I’m a huge fan of; but he’s also a musician. His music initially wasn’t a genre that I was into, but I now think I’d listen to anything he ever produced. I’ve bought one of his CDs, and I have three coming in the mail. Yeah, it’s that amazing.

3) Colton Dixon.

I happen to own two copies of A Messenger, two copies of Anchor, and one copy of The Calm Before the Storm. Why do I have two copies of most of his CDs? Well, because I get them for myself, and then other people give them to me as gifts, and you can’t say no to a gift, so. Colton is an old favorite of mine; I was a fan of him since his very first appearance on Idol, and I’ve followed his career ever since. I even saw him at Uprise one year.

4) About a Mile.

About a Mile is a band that my mentor introduced me to about a year or so ago. She gave me their CD, and after listening to it, I went and randomly bought one for my friend who likes music. I also got one for another friend’s birthday. I really enjoyed that CD.

5) Ed Ames.

You have most likely never heard of Ed Ames. That’s because he’s eighty-nine years old. When Ed Ames was in his prime, he played a role in the television show Daniel Boone. He also sang. I have a CD called, “The Very Best of Ed Ames”. I actually reference it in one of my books. Most of the music is dramatic love songs, but hey; I like those sometimes. His voice is very rich and deep, and I really love the songs on that CD.


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