Cyber Schooling Debunked

About a year or so ago, I opened up YouTube and typed in “Cyber Schooling”. I was looking for anything. I’m a big fan of Blimey Cow, and they’re well-known for their homeschool videos. I had to wonder if any other YouTube channels featured videos about cyber charter schooling.

My findings were quite disappointing. I found a commercial from a few years back, and a handful of poorly made videos from students. YouTube is a major resource for people. How was anyone supposed to understand what cyber charter schooling actually is?

That’s when inspiration struck me. I could make videos myself, and explain what cyber schooling was. The benefits and drawbacks. Share things from my own life. Help to educate.

And after some talks with the teacher in charge of senior projects, I had found my graduation project.

My channel currently features a couple of videos about aspects of cyber charter schooling: flexibility and friendship. I have many more planned that fall in that line. I also have other videos planned in other styles, like vlogs and interviews. I’m hoping my channel becomes a fun and educational resource for people who are considering cyber charter schooling, or who want to know more.

If this interests you at all–or you’d just like to see how awkward I am on camera–go ahead and check out “Cyber Schooling Debunked” on YouTube.

Honestly, YouTube is something that has interested me for a long time, and video producing is a skill I’m happy to learn. I love inserting my strangeness in random places, and with each video, I gain a little bit more skill I can apply to things like Robotics and writing.

Thanks so much, and have an awesome, beautiful, wonderful, fantastically blessed day.


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