Camping, and Working, and Camping, Oh My!

When I started this summer, I knew one thing was certain: I was going to be extremely busy. I would be at camp working three weeks and as a camper one week; and when I wasn’t at camp, I would be babysitting.

The first week of camp was a media week. I’ve been working in the media assistant position for years, and it was an easy week, for the most part. Week 2, I was a junior counselor.

Now, to understand the enormity of that statement, you have to know that I haven’t been in a cabin since my first summer working. This is my fourth summer. The one time I was in a cabin was as a Counselor in Training, before I became ill and consequently couldn’t be in cabins,

So, my first experience as an official junior counselor was in my last summer working. And goodness, was it an experience. I had eight girls in my cabin, and it was a struggle-filled week. None of them seemed interested in learning about God or faith. There was extreme spiritual warfare going on. The single great bright spot was one of them accepting God for the first time.

Only a few weeks later, I was put in a cabin again, with one of my closest friends as my senior. This week seemed to go exponentially better. Every girl already had a relationship with Christ, and the vast majority were hungry for God and for growth. It went superbly. Much of the week was encouraging them to join the same program I am in at camp. All but two are applying.

And then this past week, I was a camper. The second I walked in the door, I sensed something was off. And it was that moment that I decided I didn’t want to be at camp. I was thrilled to be there for chapel, but that was all. God put it on my heart that I was to be ministering to the other girls in my cabin, whether I wanted to be there or not. Just because I wasn’t staff didn’t mean I wasn’t still a servant of God.

Long story short, our cabin went into a time of extreme spiritual warfare towards the end of the week. I told you I sensed something off when I came inside the cabin–and that “off” thing was the devil in the spiritual realm. Our girls banded together to pray into the lives of one of our sisters-in-Christ, and it was powerful.

Then I came home and crashed.

Camp was an adventure this summer, but I certainly grew.


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