Hello. It’s Me.

You’ve been wondering if after all this time, I’d post a blog.

Well, here I am. Where did I go? Many, many places. First of all, I had to send my school laptop back and wait a month for the new one to arrive, so I’ve been without a computer for over a month. Second, I got a job. (I know, guys, I’m getting so old.) And third, when I wasn’t at my job, I was at camp working, so. Busy summer.

What has happened in these two months? Oh, dear. Well, I discovered Minecraft. And yes, I knew what Minecraft was, but I was one of those people who was like, “Ermahgoodness, Minecraft is a waste of time, why you so obsessed, do something productive.” I’d wanted my friend to teach me how to play creative mode for years, but he never did. Turns out, the little guy I babysit really likes to play. And now, so do I.

I was in a cabin at camp for the first time in three years. With my illness, I hadn’t been counseling since my first summer at camp. Not knowing if I could be there for my campers when I needed to, I was afraid to try. But this summer, they really needed an upper level in cabins, and they asked me to at least try it. I did, and man, was that a crazy experience! I worked two junior high weeks, and I had the same age group both times. I love all of my girls so much, and it was great to see one accept Christ for the first time, and for others to apply for the very program I’m in at camp.

I completely remodeled my room. It was a crazy mess. The amount of floor space that you could walk was ridiculously small. But after moving a bookcase downstairs–don’t worry, I kept the books in my room–and finally getting rid of my hundred-year-old bedframe, I have space. I can film videos for my senior project, it’s crazy.

Speaking of filming, I filmed a video for my project and discovered two important things. 1) I can do this. 2) I need an outline. It took about four hours to edit that thing together, and I don’t want to do that again.

I’m excited to be back up and running. Hopefully, the postings will be consistent. I have one more week of camp, another weekend, and my job, still. We’ll see if I can keep up with it all.

Hello from the other side…

See ya later.


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