Phone Calls

Ring ring.

Who is it? Better not be a teenage boy, because talking on the phone is all kinds of weird, flirtatious, unacceptable wrongness.

So, yesterday was my birthday. And, for whatever reason, I was on the phone with one of my friends. He also happens to be a male, and we realized we couldn’t call each other just to talk because people will assume things.

Rather than have a discussion about not caring what other people think, and why we shouldn’t assume things in the first place, I’d like to tackle something else: phone calls.

What is it about a phone call that is such a big deal?

I can text, Facebook message, and email my guy friends without any fear of repercussion. Yet, when I add the element of a tone of voice for the sake of communication, I’m suddenly interested in them?

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

Supposedly, you would think that wanting to hear someone’s voice is some kind of flirtatious desire. Actually, hearing the tone of voice that someone uses is a very useful tool in communicating, when body language is unavailable.

Why is there a stigma on phone calls? In past generations, before we had our instant messaging programs and systems, phone calls were a bold choice for communication. If you wanted to talk to someone of the opposite gender outside of school, you would call them, and it was a big deal.

So…why is it a big deal now?

I guess I’m just frustrated that I’d like the option to call my guy friends.

Let me know when society becomes a little less ridiculous.


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