There is something about knowing you did your best that is freeing. Regrets usually like to pop up and nag you, remind you that you could have done better.

I traveled to Tennessee for a Robotics competition this past week. It was our last competition, and we were determined to win. It was a little awkward, being so far out-of-state, but most of the staff were very friendly.

Long story short, we didn’t win. Our competition season is over now.

Yet, our finish filled me with so much pride, I nearly burst.

So many obstacles stood in our way, and there we were. Facing off the first and second ranked robots. A giant stood in front of us, and I knew I had to try and bring it down.

We didn’t bring it down. But we hindered it so much that its lowest play-off score was when it faced against us.

Did we lose? Maybe everyone else says we did. I say, we won. We did our best. My voice was heard. We went down fighting, and I am very, very happy.

There is nothing to regret.


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