If I Had A Million Dollars – Writer’s Tag

My friend Maggie tagged me in this challenge, and I thought I’d give it a shot. If I had a million dollars, what kind of writing things would I spend it on?

Usually “million dollars” and “writer” don’t go together, so this ought to be interesting.

1) A computer.

Just like Maggie, I’m cyber-schooled, and I’ve never owned my very own laptop. Some of my other friends who go to my school have done this, but they have these things called “jobs” which apparently provide “money” which assists in “purchasing” things. So, my first purchase would absolutely be a laptop for all my writing needs.

2) A Hobbit Hole.

This is totally writing related. I, as a writer, need to live somewhere. Housing of choice? Hobbit hole, hands down. I have always wanted to live in a people-sized Hobbit hole, and I have many plans in which to make this a possibility. If I had the money to do so, I could build my own Hobbit hole. So, there’s purchase number two.

3) Pay for what I actually want from a college education.

If, and probably when, I attend college, I want to learn specific things that will help me as a writer. You know, grammar and things like that. I want to be proficient in editing and writing creatively. That is what I want to learn. So, purchase number three is the education that I want.

4) Getting a publishing company started.

I’m not sure how much money I’ve got left, what with the cost of higher education now-a-days, but I’m seriously considering the creation of my own publishing company in the future. I want to break away from the online, independent publishing I do now; while it’s perfect for a high school student, it isn’t ideal for an adult. I’d love to publish with other like-minded individuals, once I find them.

5) Start a writing-related website/company/product/amusement park.

This sort of ties into my fourth purchase of starting a business? I’m not sure how this exactly takes form, but I have a witty little name that I’m not revealing and I’d love to make it a thing. #Vague.

6. Create a library.

Why not? If I have money at this point, a library is just a duh.

7. Start a personal book collection.

You know what’s cool? A book signed by the author. You know what’s cooler? A collection of your favorite books ever signed by their authors. I might have to bribe some people with cookies, but hey, it’ll be worth it.

8. Create my own book fair.

I’ve found it really difficult to find venues where I can successfully sell my books. Craft shows don’t do a lot. A local book fair would be fun for young authors who want to sell their work. I’m sure there’s big, fancy book fairs and book sales, but a small-scale book fair would be super fun.

9. Renovate a van into a book mobile.

Um, why not?

10. Travel.

At this point, my million dollars has worn thin. I don’t know how many pennies I have left over, but if everything I’ve purchase beforehand came through, I should be set to travel and experience new things. That’s what everyone keeps telling me to do, anyway.


Thanks to Maggie for tagging me. (To be honest, I liked her list a lot better than mine, but I did my best. You should go check it out. Compare them, and if you like hers better, don’t tell me what you think in the comments below.)

If you’re fellow writer, or if you like to imagine things that will never happen, go ahead and take the challenge! Here are the rules that I’m blatantly copying off of Maggie’s blog, which you should know, because you read it.

1) Save this image to your blog
2) Link back to the person who tagged you (in this case, me) and also link to Raychel Rose’s blog, since she’s the one who created this tag.
3) List ten things you would do if you had a million dollars. They can be silly, serious, or a little bit of both. It’s totally up to you!
4) Tag more writers to pass it on!

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