Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad turns, um, older than he was last year, this Wednesday, so I thought I’d list off some of the things I appreciate about him.

1) His patience.

My dad is a really patient guy. Both my mom and I tend to be more hot-tempered, but Dad is quiet and reserved about what he’s thinking. He rarely yells or gets upset when you have a disagreement.

2) His brain.

Dad is an engineer, but he’s also a pastor. I never cease to be amazed at how my dad can connect engineering and the Bible together. He sees God in everything. Sometimes, when I’m having a struggle, I really need that connection.

3) His heart.

Some people don’t know how to work with others. I can safely say my father works with people, even when he disagrees with them. He doesn’t look at someone at point out a certain flaw as a reason that he can’t get along with them when he needs to. This doesn’t mean that Dad likes everybody; but he knows how to love everybody.

Happy birthday, Dad!



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