The Magic Word

From a young age, we are told the magic word. I suppose it’s intended to teach manners. But what exactly does it teach us?

When a young child cries for their own way, we say, “What’s the magic word?” And as long as they say it–whether they mean it or not–their wish is granted.

We are raising our children to think they are entitled to their desires because they say “the magic word”.

What does “please” even mean? In one context, it means to be pleased, or to be happy. But what does saying “please” have to do with anything you’re asking for? Google’s definition just says it’s a polite thing to say.

What is that teaching our children? At least “thank you” has an easy explanation. You are thanking someone for their service to you. That is manners. That is polite.

Let’s be careful what kind of generation we’re raising. To say “please” may be polite. But let’s not make it a magic word.



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