Who Determines Attractiveness?

I have some super fun soap-box issues, but one that is particularly in my thoughts this evening is this: attractiveness.

Have you ever been with people who discuss the physical attraction of other people? Whether they come right out and say it, they essentially get down to it: someone is ugly. The reasons for this could vary; maybe that person doesn’t have a significant other, maybe they aren’t cool, or maybe the person is just genuinely not attracted to them.

Please, please don’t make the mistake of accidentally (or purposefully) calling someone ugly because you aren’t attracted to them.

The Bible clearly tells us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made, and in the image of God. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that calling someone ugly is hurting God, but there’s another side to this, as well.

Who you find attractive does not determine anyone’s worth. At all. Ever.

Just because I am not attracted to you doesn’t mean that you aren’t attractive. In fact, it has no bearing on your worth at all. And in the same way, if I am attracted to you, that doesn’t make you any more valuable than you already are. Your value is in Who made you, not who likes you.

In our society today, this concept seems to be very messed up. If that group of people decides that, “Hey, they’re cute”, then obviously, that person is better than everyone else. Or, if a collective group of people picks out a specific person, and they all say, “I find them ugly”, then clearly, they have the final say on that person’s worth. Except, they don’t. But they act like they should. And unfortunately, people believe them.

I’m very grateful to have this strange quality of “not caring”. I don’t care if you’re tall, if you’re short, if you’re heavy, if you’re thin, if you’re a completely average lookin’ joe, if your face is acne-central, or if you don’t know what pimples even are. I look at people, and I see people that God created. I don’t see ugly people. I never have.

The next time you acknowledge that you aren’t attracted to someone, also acknowledge that your feelings about their outward appearance have no weight in their value.

Wouldn’t you feel a lot better if the people around you weren’t trying to decide your  worth?




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