Attention is a funny word. Today, however, I realized that attention is a form of respect. To give someone your attention is to respect them and give them your time. In turn, they respect your gift of time and make the most of it while they have your attention.

Some people don’t like to pay attention. Whether we’re figuring out our next words while someone is still speaking, or downright staring off into space, we are inadvertently and sometimes deliberately disrespecting them.

And, unfortunately, we have to bring self-focus into this.

Not only is giving someone your attention respectful, it’s also selfless. It’s putting someone else before you and your wants.

The exact opposite goes on when we refuse to give someone that respect. We are deciding that we are more important than what they have to say; whatever is coming from our mouths has more value; our time is greater than theirs.

The next time you’re out and about, and someone deserves your attention: remember, you’re not only focusing on them, but you’re respecting them, and choosing to be selfless. They will appreciate your attention, and will respect your time.


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