Kick-Off Ramblings

Every year at this time, my world turns upside down. I sit in a crowded room stuffed with nerds. We huddle around a projector, eat pizza, and hash out ideas excitedly for the next six hours.

It’s kick-off. The start of the FIRST Robotics Competition season. The game reveal. The design options. The functions.

The inability to concentrate on anything else for the next six weeks and beyond.

This year, the game is incredibly complicated. As a leader in strategy and scouting, I’ve already been presented with several challenges in just two days.


This year, I would love for us to be an AMAZING team. I want us to have everything together. To get to the World’s competition on our own merits.

Unfortunately, that’s incredibly complicated.

Here, see for yourself.

Isn’t that great?

Anyway. I’ve spent so much time thinking through strategy in the past 36 hours or so, I may have broken my communicator.

This is my documented challenge to myself to make sure we do our very best this year.



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