Hermit Day.

I’m an only child. I don’t have any siblings, as the previous sentence suggests, and therefore, friendship is very important to me. Some friends are close enough to be siblings at times.

I’m also understandably social because of this. To the best of my understanding, I’m an ambivert. I have a lot of introverted friends, but I’m definitely not an introvert or an extrovert.

Why am I explaining all this?

Because I’d like to declare that today, I wish to be a hermit.

I’m not being serious, of course. Not entirely. And I’ve never really had one of these days before. But in this particular moment, when some of the people in my life have let me down to some extent, I’d like to just go off alone.

This thought shocks me. I’m an only child, and my brain wishes to suggest I’d like to be alone forever? Preposterous.

For as much as I bother my friends to talk to me, they’d scoff at the idea of my escaping from the rest of the world. “Lexi?” they’d snort. “She couldn’t last a day without trying to talk to me or someone else.”

Which is true, I probably couldn’t.

So, I couldn’t be a hermit. And if I could, I wouldn’t be able to stay a hermit very long.

However, today, I feel as if I’d like to be a hermit. Forget people. Forget our fleshly imperfections. Forget it all. I’ll be in a closet with a cat, a box of chocolates, and a stack of great books, if you need me.

(By the way, guys. I’ll email you tomorrow.)


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