A General Update on Life as a Teenage Author (Yahoo)

So, that was a fancy title. I’m afraid the following post won’t be anywhere near as fancy, considering it will most likely cover school, Robotics, books, even camp.

First off, I started 11th grade. Yahoo! Actually, not really “yahoo”. This is apparently the last normal year before college and graduating and all that sappy stuff. My classes are exciting, to an extent, I guess. I mean, who doesn’t love math and learning to drive? I don’t. It probably depends on the person.

I ran for President of the Robotics Club I’m in! You guys remember that weird thing I have, with guinea pigs living inside my stomach who like to try and make my life miserable? (If I haven’t covered this before, it’d make a great blog post.) Basically, I practiced my speech and what I wanted to say for three weeks, then got super nervous, sprinkle in my guinea-pigs-of-horror, and yeah. I didn’t get elected. Yahoo.

As I’ve probably been screaming for about a month, I published my newest book, Soar! That was really exciting, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally published. In fact, I’ve been so thrilled that I’ve bombarded my blogs with posts about it; created new Facebook pages (and been that super annoying person who asks their friends to like a random page); and perhaps most dangerous of all, started making little quote pictures, as is the theme image for this post. If you want to see more, you can go to my Alexis Dingeldein Facebook Page and look at the album I have. They’re super cute. And also really time-consuming.

Also, camp? Camp is amazing, camp is fun. I should write a whole blog post about my babysitting experiences at camp, lately. You know what? I think I’ll do that. But not right now. It’s midnight, and I want to sleep.

I’m a teenager, it’s what we do. We sleep from about 2 or 3 AM until after noon, and then we mope about being tired.

So, this was my general update on life as a teenage author. Basically, I’m like all of the other teens. I just happen to have books on Amazon that I look up wayyyy too many times per day. Heh.

Sleep well, everyone!



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