Peter Pan

Peter never wanted to grow up.

And I don’t want my characters to grow up, either.

I just finished planning out the novel that will follow “Soar”, and I realized that it seemed a bit heavy. There are some things going on in the characters lives (which I shall not reveal, spoilers) that are dark and difficult. I’m wondering where my happy-go-lucky children went, who had a tight-knit friend group, and harped about love and growth.

Oh. Growth.

I guess when a year passes, your characters grow up. They face bigger challenges, bigger temptations, that they have to face and walk away from. So even though I just planned out a whole new novel, I have an odd sense of loss and sadness. I know that these story lines will be important, and will teach people, especially teens.

But I can’t help but feel as if I’ve lost something.

It’s like the feeling when you learn that Peter did grow up, that he gave up himself for someone else, and he isn’t your Peter anymore.

What, you didn’t know that? Well, maybe you know what I’m feeling now.

Goodbye, Peter.


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