Weatherman-esque Prediction Panic

I don’t know about you, but I really love friends. Friendships have been important to me for as long as I can remember. I think because I don’t have any siblings, friends fill that role for me sometimes. Except I don’t have to live with them or anything.

I don’t like losing friends. I’m one of those people who thinks into the likely (or sometimes, really unlikely) future and act as if I can forecast what’s going to happen. “Well, we’ve got a fifty percent chance of changing schools with a slight chance of them never speaking to me again. Time to break out the sad music and stop investing so much time in them.”

No. No, no, no. That’s not how this should work.

Friends are something to cherish for the now. I shouldn’t waste my time saying, “Well, in three years, we’re probably going to go to different colleges and lose contact. There’s no hope for this friendship!”

Seriously. That’s such a time-waster, I can’t even fully express it.

Embrace your friendships right now! What do I look back on from my childhood best friend? The fun things we did, like making up our own language, or the fact that she came over every day, or the times we watched movies in her living room until really late at night, or–

See? I’m not lamenting at all about how that friendship eventually withered away. And I really doubt my nine-year-old self could have thought up the scenario that actually happened: “Oh, but what if her family moves across the United States because her father is in the military, and then we don’t see each other for a year; and, despite all attempts to stay in touch, we get out of touch?”

Sorry, nine-year-old self! You didn’t predict that one. And good thing, too, or you might have missed out on a ton of those memories!

I don’t know where I developed this weatherman-esque prediction panic, but I’d like it to stop, because it’s not benefiting me.

Because you know what? I don’t know the plans the Lord has for me. But He does. He declared it. So I’m taking hold of that. And if you too suffer from what I’ve described, give it to God: because believe me, it isn’t doing anything good for you or the plans He made.