The Ultimate Setting Creator

This is part two of a series titled, “The Ultimate Author”. Click here to see part one and part three.

Not only did God design billions and billions of people; He also gave them a beautifully unique setting to live in.

I aspire to design a world like Narnia or Middle Earth. I’d love to write a novel with my own races of mystical peoples in a creative setting. However, anything I’d create would be piggybacking off of everything I know. And everything I know was created by Him.

He went and created all these people–countless numbers of people–complex people–and then he gave them an amazing setting to live in.

We have a gorgeous blue sky; luscious green grass; clouds with a fluffy consistency; diverse trees and plants; sandy beaches with glistening water; majestic mountains that soar high into the air; flat plains where we can see far into the distance; rivers that cut through land rich for planting. And that’s just on this part of the setting. We look at a slightly bigger picture, and we realize that there are countless beautiful stars and planets and galaxies and–is your mind blown yet?

As a writer, that much detail is unimaginable for me. To have created all of that from scratch? All of it. Not just what we see on Earth, but what’s beyond? I could never accomplish that.

But He did. And all He had to do was talk.