Every person on this earth has been designed by God with a unique purpose. In each of us, He’s placed a special destiny, accompanied by traits, characteristics, and passions of His own. Whether or not society considers someone to have outward beauty, everyone starts with the beauty of being designed in His likeness.

So much worth in our earthly society is placed on how we look; if our face and features are nice, if we’re the right balance between heavy and thin, and if we wear garments that fit into the current societal norm.

But in all actuality, these bodies of ours are our earth suits. And though we’ve been made in the image of God, this applies to more than our outward appearance.

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing people fulfill and work with the gifts they’ve been given? I find that people become even more beautiful to me when they use the gifts and passions inside them. When a friend who loves to sing takes courage and fills the air with a beautiful melody; when someone with the passion for dance perseveres and performs something filled with worship and passion; when anyone uses their God-given talents to do what they were meant to do? It’s beautiful.

As humans, we’re attracted to physical beauty. We crave emotional connections. Yet there are so many levels of each character God has designed, that it would be a shame to only get to know their earth suits. What has God placed in you that He desires to see unfolded? That brings out the beauty He’s placed in you?

Every person has been created by Him, and He has a vast number of gifts to bestow: perhaps you shine through writing. Dancing. Drawing. Singing. Leading. Your organization. Your faithfulness through difficult tasks. Your joy. Your unquenchable thirst for the Lord.

What is inside you that makes you beautiful: it came from Him. We are His workmanship, His characters, His children. Each gift was given with love, and it is as you use those gifts that His love often shines.