It is quite frustrating to know that you have many things going on in your life–but there isn’t anything fascinating enough to share with random strangers.

In the same way, it is frustrating when one is working on a project and must rely on other people to finish said project.

At the moment, I’m waiting on a few friends so that I may publish my fourth book, Soar. I’m incredibly excited–my writing (I hope) improves every year, and I particularly love the message of this novel. Yet, I will be unable to publish it until 2015.

It’s interesting to me that we as human beings can become so uptight about things we cannot control. We can only use ourselves and influence others. It seems to be a rather sad way to live, constantly clutching at straws that aren’t ours to clutch at.

What a simple concept–to give up control to God. But it’s hard to relinquish our failed control to Him. I know this for myself.

Perhaps this is an early documentation of a future revelation. It doesn’t seem quite complete just yet.

But hey–I can’t control that.


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