Hiking to the Clouds

Hiking and I do not have a positive history. The first hike I faced was my Level One year in the 4.12 Program (see “Camp”), and I was blindfolded, being led through the woods by an upper level, over rocks and fallen trees. I didn’t break any bones or score any concussions during that trip, but I got another opportunity to do so this past weekend, when the 4.12 members went on another “trust hike”.

I was a leftover, as useless as week-old liver, due to how I had been feeling. I was unsure if I would be able to climb up the mountain, so I tagged along without a partner, as the caboose of the trust train. Three different pairs rotated as the back of the line, until two boys settled as the permanent end.

I watched these two, as the guide spoke direction and the sightless bumped into branches, rocks, and ferns along the path. Each mistake was met with, “I’m so sorry!” and returned with, “It’s okay.” With that, they continued on. Every small accomplishment–stepping over a rock, avoiding a tree, not falling off a cliff–was met by encouraging praise. Even when the pairs ahead of them disappeared out of sight, and almost out of earshot, they marched on.

When we had finally arrived at the fantastic view of God’s creation, all the levels spread out with their partners and talked about what they had learned while hiking together. Without an official partner, I sat by myself on a little stony hill, reflecting. In all honesty, I don’t think I could have learned more about trust that day, even if I had been blindfolded and walked into a limb or two. Just watching the pair in front of me demonstrated trust, and is an image that will stick with me for a long time.


About My Cats…

I own two fantastic felines, who do a lot of eating and sleeping. The first cat’s name is Sweetie, though she isn’t particularly sweet. We’ve had her since she was a very small kitten that could fit into the palm of your hand (that is now the size of her head). I bottle-fed her until she could eat regular kitty food, and we now maintain a love/hate relationship. Other details about Sweetie include that her belly practically drags on the ground and she’s a very pretty gray. The second cat recently had her anniversary of being our kitty for one year. Her name is Patches, and she’s about the same age as Sweetie. Patches has a very nice temperament, and is a gorgeous calico. She’s featured in the picture above. Fascinating facts about Patches include that she is incredibly skittish and leaves white hair all over you, even if you only held her for five seconds. I’ve introduced you to my cats, simply because they create the occasional drama (such as bringing bleeding live birds into the house).

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello! My name is Alexis Dingeldein, and I’m a young author writing books for kids my age. As of this moment, I have written and published three novels in a series. In addition to this passion, I participate on a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team, and in a 4-H Robotics Club. I am an active member of my youth group, and also a part of a Leadership Training Program. I’m cyber-charter schooled, which is something most people have never heard of and assume that I rarely socialize at all. My other hobbies include devouring books and planning events to the smallest detail (such as birthday parties or youth group excursions). This blog serves as writing practice, and a way to educate readers on my insanely busy life. I hope you will enjoy your time here!